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Online issues and January procrastinators

I do not normally use the HMRC online software to do Tax Returns as third party is much less hassle. However, I did have occasion to try it recently and found that in dealing with lettings where there is a loss in the year and a loss brought forward the HMRC system is unable to aggregate them and carry them forward. When I telephoned the helpline and finally got through I was told it was a known issue and I should make a diary note of losses brought forward for 2008-09. I would have thought that this loss … Continue Reading

Tearing my hair over small company housekeeping

Like others in the profession I try to drum into my clients that they should practice good housekeeping in their businesses, remember that their company’s money is not their own and to ask me before doing anything out of the ordinary. This is the time of year when we tend to find that some clients have ignored our advice and painted themselves into a corner from which even I with my skills and long experience have difficulty getting them out in a painless fashion. There are some golden rules in running a company and I am not normally into quoting … Continue Reading

Recession blues or an opportunity?

The tax world is not immune from the current economic problems and already many tax department employees of larger UK firms such as KPMG have been made redundant, most particularly in the corporate sector. The financial press has reported employee shedding by KPMG during much of 2008 and we must assume that other firms are also making their staff redundant. These are strange times and it will be shattering for those who suddenly do not have a job and may have difficulty finding a position anywhere given the surfeit of people suddenly on the market.One supposes that whilst … Continue Reading