Meet Jon Stow

Meet Jon Stow

image001Jon Stow started his career with a well-known international bank, and was for some years with a medium sized accountancy firm specialising in the insurance market, particularly Lloyd’s. More recently he has been involved with clients who owned and managed their own businesses. He then successfully modernised the tax department of a small City firm of accountants whose target market was also owner-managers, before moving to a well-known national firm and later to a well known wealth management and tax consultancy.

He also has a great deal of experience working with High Net Worth clients who need significant planning to reduce their liabilities to income, capital gains and corporation tax. He may also be able to help small and medium sized owner-managed companies to reduce their tax liabilities, whilst at the same time giving considerable tax reductions for their owners.

One of Jon’s particular interests is in dealing with clients from overseas who are not always aware of the opportunities to reduce their tax liabilities.

Jon also enjoys working with private landlords to manage their tax liabilities and help them plan.

However as at the end of April 2018, Jon has retired. If you need help with your tax position you may wish to contact Alan Hennessey.

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