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HMRC’s Second Incomes Campaign

Photoxpress_10909891 calculatorAre you an employee who has a second source of earnings that you have not declared to HMRC? This could be from part-time bar-work, selling for profit at boot fairs, private consulting or tutoring, or doing private building work.

HMRC is giving people an opportunity to come forward and pay tax for past years which should have been accounted for previously. This opportunity is called the Second Incomes Campaign. HMRC says:

“You need to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if your additional income hasn’t been taxed through either:

Be responsible and pay your tax

Last Spring I wrote a piece entitled “Render unto Caesar…” which pretty much sets out my view concerning tax avoidance and those who are reluctant to pay tax. For the record I reiterate that I have no objection to people taking sensible uncomplicated steps to pay less tax. That is no different from choosing to fill your car with petrol, diesel or gas at a particular establishment which charges a little less than the one down the road. Daily essentials everyone buys on price because the value is the same. Complicated and artificial tax avoidance schemes really have … Continue Reading

Fairer and more reasonable – equitable liability survives

Not all was bad news in the Pre-Budget Report. I wrote in September about HM Revenue & Customs’ intention to abolish the practice of Equitable Liability. I said that if HMRC thought they did not have a legal basis for this discretionary power then legislation could correct this. Mr. Darling is to introduce just such a measure.I think this is a rare victory for the taxpayer and I congratulate Keith Gordon for his campaign and petition which I feel must have contributed to this change of heart.