Tax Returns

Preparing our Tax Returns is a tiresome annual chore. The 2009-10 tax season is here. Why not let us take the weight off your shoulders by preparing your return for you?

The service includes:

  • Completion of a paper Tax Return for you to sign, and a copy for your file.
  • Preparation of self-employed accounts, lettings accounts etc.
  • Scheduling of investment income as necessary.
  • Computation of capital gains.
  • Calculation of tax liabilities.
  • Secure online submission of the completed Return.
  • A fixed fee agreed in advance at a very competitive rate, so no unpleasant surprises!

A friendly ear on the telephone to discuss issues at no extra charge.

If we believe there are opportunities for tax planning or mitigation we will bring these to your attention.

The sooner we start, the better, so please get in touch soon as we would love to help you!

Call 0845 456 3583 or 01702 205066 today.